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6 You Tube channels to watch

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Dear friend,

if you’re a careful reader, you may have noticed that I didn’t send any emails last week.

Well, the reason is quite simple; this month, I’ve been overwhelmed by various events, and somewhere along the line, I had to loosen my grip, even though I regret doing it with the newsletter.

I value this moment of weekly writing a lot.

But let’s get to the point.

This week, I want to share with you some YouTube channels that can be useful for you, both in your studies and for your growth as an artist and person.

I’m an avid consumer of content on YouTube, and I always look for something that inspires me musically or pushes me to do better.

So here are 6 YouTube channels that I recommend you subscribe to:

  1. Jon Makes Beats: A channel I’ve already linked several times. Jonwayne is a well-known beatmaker who, for about a year, has had a YouTube channel where he shares the process of creating a beat every week. The interesting thing is the natural way he works and the absence of perfectionism. This inspires me a lot and encourages me to let go instead of always seeking the perfect idea. A bonus is Jon’s friendliness.
  2. Vanille Debray: Vanille is a Canadian artist who primarily creates music for films and commercials. She shares her tips and shows how often simple ideas are the most effective. Plus, she’s very likable.
  3. Thought Forms: This channel is perfect for those nostalgic for the vibes of the ’90s. The guy on the channel is a true expert in everything related to ambient music, jungle, old-school drum and bass, and explains how to recreate those sounds. I have to say that I got passionate about certain sounds thanks to this channel.
  4. Venus Theory: This channel talks about making music but, more importantly, about all the struggles a musician can face: lack of inspiration, impostor syndrome, finishing songs, etc. He’s a nice guy providing high-quality content.
  5. Matt Wilde: Matt is my recent discovery. His music could be classified among lo-fi jazz beats, I guess. He is an extremely good pianist, and I love the way he shares his music-making process. Inspiring videos and good music.
  6. Better Ideas: This channel is the one you watch when you need a boost of motivation, when you feel stuck, when you find it hard to create good habits. Yes, it’s sort of self-improvement content. I don’t watch it all the time because I try to put my stuff together without having to watch YouTube videos for it, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded of some things, isn’t it?

Well, I hope these channels give you some new ideas for your music or, more generally, make you reflect.

We’ll talk again next week.

A hug,



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Here I share what I’ve been listening to lately both from the house music world and from every other genre.

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I discovered this record years ago. Immediately felt in love with the groove.

Orange Tree Edits – Litmus Groove (Jimmy Rouge Edit) – You Tube


Teenage music for starting the morning with the right energy (LOL)

347aidan – Bad Kids – Spotify

Always be curious towards new music, you never know where inspiration comes from.

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