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In today’s email I want to tell you about few things I’ve noticed through the years that make the difference between a beginner and an experienced producer.

And this isn’t just about production aspects, but also attitudes and beliefs.

Let’s look at some together:

1 – Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS): Often, a novice producer is led to believe that the poor quality of their productions is due to a lack of equipment rather than a lack of experience. I frequently talk to students and friends who have recently started producing and express their intention to buy an analog synth or mixer to achieve a more professional sound. Unfortunately, analog hardware alone is not enough to make a track sound professional, especially when it is created using low-quality samples or other poor choices. I always advise beginners to focus on building a library of quality sounds, honing their ears, and making a lot of music to learn how to use what they already have. Personally, after years of production, I have learned that it’s not the tool that makes the difference. Or rather, the tool can add that extra 5% to the production quality. The challenge is knowing how to achieve the remaining 95%.

2 – Frequency distribution: Another aspect that marks the difference between a track made by an experienced producer and one by a beginner is how sounds are distributed across the frequency spectrum. The sense of cohesion you get when listening to a quality track depends not only on the mixing but also on the sounds chosen. Often, I listen to tracks by beginner producers where I notice a huge gap between the low and high frequencies, as if they have forgotten about the mid frequencies. Especially when it comes to drums: super subby kicks contrasted with super bright and thin hats. Over time, I have realized that energy lies not only in the low frequencies but also in the mid frequencies. So let’s try to add sounds, including hats, that have these frequencies. Additionally, if a hat or another percussive sound is too bright, let’s slightly close it with a filter. A sound that’s too bright immediately gives the impression of something cold and digital.

3 – Overtreatment: Another aspect I notice in my students’ projects is the massive presence of effects. And by this, I don’t mean creative effects, which are welcome, but corrective effects. Extreme equalization, compression, multiband compression, and other advanced effects that are often used without being fully understood. I believe, as do many other experienced producers, that it’s better to change a sound that doesn’t work rather than trying to correct it in every possible way. Once again, let’s learn the basics firstsound selection and volume setting. Let’s dedicate the rest of our time to being creative rather than spending the day compressing a kick.

4 – Amount of sounds: This last aspect undoubtedly depends on the genre of music we want to make. However, I often notice that beginner producers tend to exaggerate when adding sounds, which inevitably end up clashing with each other. Experienced producers can bring out the best from the few elements they have by using the arrangement. Choose a few sounds, distributed across various frequencies, and play with the arrangement, modulations, and effects.

And you, do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or expert producer?



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