Learn how to avoid common mixing mistakes, such as overemphasizing low frequencies, with expert tips and advice in this comprehensive guide.

How to fix your kick and bass.

Dear friend, today I want to talk to you about a mixing error that I’ve found at all levels. The “Producers Challenge” has confirmed that this error is probably the most common of all and you are probably doing it too. I’m talking about mixing the kick and bass too high. Many of the tracks submitted for the contest, …

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The art of getting ideas

Dear friend, Today I’m writing to talk to you about ideas. Whether you make music, paint, write, or sculpt clay, there’s one word that defines you: creative. But for every respectable creative, ideas are necessary. Without them, one cannot bring their work to life. But what are ideas? Among all the definitions of the concept of “idea,” …

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Overcharge your bass sound

Dear friend, this week I want to tell you about the interesting video call I had with Per Hammar last Tuesday and about his new Ableton device: SubbControl. But first, I want to remind you about the “Producers Challenge” happening in the Minimal Improvements community, where we’ll have Yokoo as a guest judge and fantastic prizes for the winners! LEARN THE DETAILS I met …

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