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Hello dear,

do you remember when I talked about free flow?

Free flow is the activity of letting yourself go while making music, opening yourself to all the possible inspiration sources and to the options that might arise during the process.

This is the best way to create something you’ve never done before.

If you never heard me talking about it, you might have missed this video in which I talk about how to get inspired and find your own sound.

From time to time I need to remind myself the importance of entering in free flow mode.

This is what I did for my latest You Tube video.

It was a rainy day, and I had the new Synth Anthology 4 library to test.

Synth Anthology 4 is a collection of synthesizers from all ages made by UVI.

So what better that letting myself be driven by the weather mood and the sounds coming out from that new library?

It ended up with something different from everything I’ve done so far.

A lo-fi ambient house track, which I love.

So this is a good reminder for you too, to loosen up while you make music.

Sometimes we get caught too much in wanting to make that specific genre, for that specific label, for that specific type of party.

This couldn’t be more counterproductive.

Listen to yourself, listen to what your inner taste suggests you.

Music is a form of expression and expressing yourself doesn’t always mean making the next dance floor banger.

Sometimes we just need to chill.

I hope this gave you some new ideas and excitement for when you’ll get back to Ableton.



Being able to express yourself through music, requires also technicals skills that are not easy to learn.

Being part of a community of like minded people and learning from in depth music production tutorials can help.

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Here I share what I’ve been listening to lately both from the house music world and from every other genre.

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Old gem from Surreal Recordings: Spincycle – Pie & Chips (You Tube link)


Old funky beats from Mo’ Horizons – Yes Baby Yes (Spotify link)

Always be curious towards new music, you never know where inspiration comes from.


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