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Dear friend,

In today’s email I want to share few tips on how I keep myself motivated, despite the outcome of my work is not always positive and rewarding.

But before, I want to share the news: I’m leaving for Canada 🇨🇦

Hold on, hold on…I’m not moving to Canada.

I’ll keep living in Italy, eating good food and living the good life and hoping to survive the upcoming burning hot summer.

I’m leaving for Canada for the weekend as I will be playing in Montreal at Stereobar, one of the best clubs of the city and not only of the city.

I have to thank my friend, producer and dj resident at Stereo, Brian Cuta for the invitation and the opportunity.

But I will tell you more about this adventure in a future video I’ll share on You Tube.

Now let’s go back to my motivation hacks.

As creative people, our life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs

The ups are so cool: releases, gigs, good feedbacks, new subscribers.

But the lows can really beat you up: EPs that perform bad, loss of Patreon subscribers, videos with very few views.

And what hurts is not the outcome alone. It is knowing that you put so much effort and energy creating all these things.

Why doesn’t the world recognize it?

I’m sure you’ve been through it.

I have been playing and making music for the last 18 years.

So I started soon to face reality.

I remember playing with my band in empty bars, age 16. Not funny, I guarantee.

That’s why I learned to deal with downs.

The first thing you need to change is the focus. 

Motivation must come from within, not from the external world. 

Not from the likes, or the sales, the gigs, the good feedbacks.

For sure those help to know what you do is also appreciated by the world but this must not be the fuel to your motivation.

Your passion and improvements compared to your old self are the fuel.

So how do I keep the tank always full or at least not too low to continue creating?

In the video I posted this week on You Tube, I shared some of the hacks, realizations and mantras that help me with that.

I think that if you struggle with motivation, you’d better watch it (so you save me from writing a full paper here and I save you from reading it).

I hope it helps,



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