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How to GROW YOUR AUDIENCE as a music producer

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Dear friend,

today I want to give you some advice that will help you grow on your social platforms, exposing your music to a larger audience and potential new fans.

Chances are, the reason you know me and my music is that you discovered me on YouTube when I was creating tutorials focused on Micro House. Or perhaps you came across my Instagram.

If not, let me know how you knew about me 🙂

We can say that social networks have played a crucial role in my growth as an artist and educator, especially YouTube.

And this holds true for many other artists, much more well-known than me.

Whether you like it or not, social networks in 2024 are a fundamental part of an artist’s career development.

Despite this, I still see many artists using Instagram entirely wrong.

So many times I visited the Instagram profiles of some music producers and, between releases, seen dozens of photos of cats, dogs, Thanksgiving dinners, and family photos.

This is not effective if you want to present yourself on social media as an artist.

I must admit that I, too, don’t always use my Instagram profile in the most strategic way (otherwise, I would probably have many more followers).

However, over time, I’ve learned a few things that have allowed me to reach more people with my music or video tutorials.

That’s why today I’m talking to you about the “EIE” Method.

It’s a method that will help you transition from being unknown to having an audience that appreciates both your music and your personality.

But first, let’s be clear, my friend: the quality of your music is essential. A good social strategy cannot compensate for a lack of quality in your product.

Let’s start: what does EIE mean?

Entertainment, Inspiration, Education.

Each of your posts should entertain, inspire, or educate those who see it. In this way there is a chance that the visitor will find value in your posts and, therefore, have an interest in following you.

And if music is your art, each post will be an excellent opportunity to use your songs as background music, for example, or to show how they were created.

Here are examples of posts for each of the three mentioned categories:

  1. Entertainment: a reel that tells some “studio life” episodes with which the viewer can relate or find funny. For example, how you manage your GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) or your difficulty in finishing tracks (here’s an example from me).

  2. Inspiration: a reel that shows the creative process behind one of your tracks. This type of reel usually works best if you also use hardware gear, but not necessarily (here’s an example from me, and another from Antonella).

  3. Education: a reel that shares tips or tricks you’ve learned in the studio (here’s an example from me). At the beginning of your journey it’s better not to position yourself as a teacher but as a producer sharing what you learn along the way.

Often these 3 categories can overlap in the same post.

I mentioned reels in the examples, but stories, single posts, and carousels work too.

If the content gives value, I can assure you there will be growth.

You can also complement these posts with promotional ones, such as videos of your gigs or announcements of new releases. In this case, though, I discourage reels, as this type of post is designed for very engaging content, which often doesn’t happen with promotional content (at the beginning when you don’t have much following). A carousel is much better.

There’s only one more secret: consistency.

Creating these posts once every two months is not enough.

And I’ll confess something: I struggle to be consistent too.

I alternate periods when I’m more active with this type of content with periods when I simply don’t feel like dedicating time to this aspect.

But after all, we’re all here to learn and improve, including me.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought or ideas for your artist career.

And don’t forget that our fundamental value is quality. If we keep it high, we’ll be rewarded in the long run.

A strong hug,



If, after reading this email, you’re still convinced you don’t want to use social media, you can still focus merely on creating offline relationships, or use forums and communities like the Minimal Improvements community. Although this requires much more effort and time, it can work too.

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