Minimal House Drums with Loopcloud Drum 1.5

Picture of Distilled Noise

Distilled Noise

Minimal house drums are dominated by groovy rhythms and organic elements. Here’s how Loopcloud Drum 1.5 can help.

You may or may not know that I’ve been collaborating with Loopcloud and Loopmasters as minimal house producer and videomaker. So I was approached by them few weeks before the release of their new update of Loopcloud Drum to check it out. I immediately find it a very interesting tool for making drum patterns, improving the groove of a track and coming up with new ideas.

But what the hell is Loopcloud DRUM?

Easy, it’s a drum sequencer; with an integrated drum rack; with an integrated Drum Kits Store; with an integrated midi and sample exporter.
Loopcloud Drum 1.5 Interface

Here’s how you can create a drum line in few steps:

1 – Click on the “Browse Packs and Presets” bar and purchase a new kit, based on your taste.

Loopcloud Drum 1.5 kits menu

2 – Once purchased, you find it under your purchased kits; load one of the presets that come with the purchased kit.

Loopcloud Drum 1.5 Kits

3 – Press play and hear how it sounds.

4 – At this point you can mute or solo some of the pads of the drum pad, you can edit the sequence for any of the pads and manipulate the samples with the envelope control and add effects.

5 – When you have the sequence you want, you can export both the entire sequence as audio, just the midi pattern or the single sounds of the kit.

Loopcloud Drum 1.5 Midi export
Loopcloud Drum 1.5 audio export

One more crazy creative feature that I loved is the sample randomizer. You just need to select the pads you want to affect and then click on the randomizer button in order to randomly change the samples loaded . The cool thing about this feature the fact that the randomizer will not only pick samples from your drum kits, but also from all the one shots from the sample packs that you have in your Loopcloud library.

Loopcloud Drum 1.5 randomizer

In conclusion, I really liked trying this device and honestly I came up with some really nice beat idea. If you want to see it in action take a look at my video below or go to Loopcloud Instagram page or You Tube channel.