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Dear friend,

this week I want to tell you about the interesting video call I had with Per Hammar last Tuesday and about his new Ableton device: SubbControl.

But first, I want to remind you about the “Producers Challenge” happening in the Minimal Improvements community, where we’ll have Yokoo as a guest judge and fantastic prizes for the winners!

I met Erick in November when he played as a guest at Loco Club in Padua.

I spent the day around the city with him and our mutual friend Greg (aka Yaar Kü, also from Padua), among thrift stores, shops of typical Italian cold cuts and cheese, plates of pasta, glasses of wine, and pizza.

A beautiful day that gave us the opportunity to discuss various aspects of music production and talk about potential collaborations to bring value to the community of passionate producers, of which you are also a part.

And so, after a few months, the opportunity for collaboration arose.

Per Hammar has recently released a new Ableton deviceSubbControl, created to add sub frequencies to those sounds that should have them but don’t offer enough.

SubbControl Effect Rack

Think, for example, of a weak bass or a too dry kick drum.

SubbControl is essentially an effect rack that leverages Ableton’s Autofilter and the legendary Ableton Saturator to add harmonics to the sound, being able to act on the low frequencies and the mid-high frequencies independently.

It’s a device that Per Hammar often uses during the mixing and mastering work he regularly does for clients worldwide when the elements of the low end don’t satisfy him.

A few weeks ago, Erick decided to share this rack with the world, which you can find for free on the Euromix website, the Mixing and Mastering studio he runs together with his partner Patrick Siech.

During Tuesday’s video call, Per Hammar explained to me how to use this rack and what its peculiarities are.

Personally, I tried SubbControl on the bass of a track I’m working on right now, which was a bit weak, and the difference is night & day.

The only warning that Erick also gave me is that it’s a very intense effect and therefore must be used surgically if you don’t want to distort the sound and darken the mix with too many low frequencies.

These days I‘m working on a tutorial for YouTube in which you’ll see how I use SubbControl and some snippets of the video call with tips directly from Per Hammar.

We also talked about mixing and mastering and his advice to young producers who often struggle to balance kick and bass.

But this will be available in the full video call that I’ll share soon on Patreon.

Finally, on the Euromix website, there are other super creative tools and instruments available, all completely free, and several videos on how to use them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download them and start experimenting!

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1 – FAKE BREAKS: How to make your own authentic sounding Break Beats in a DAW

video on how you could build your breakbeat loops from scratch instead of relying on sampling or sample packs. A bit of a tedious work, but could be fun for some of you!e best additions to the new version of Live. 


This plug-in will be one of the prizes in the “Producers Challenge” and it’s a fantastic tool for creating breakbeat loops quickly and creatively. Take a look at thisdemo video.


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