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Hello dear friend and Happy New Year!

Let’s kick it off with a bang!

The wish I sent this year to all my closest creative friends and to the members of my Patreon was “I wish you inspiration and creativity, with good music in the background”.

Staying inspired and creative isn’t easy, especially in the fast world we live in.

After all the things that we have to do to keep our shit together, the time left for creativity isn’t much.

Inspiration requires time.

Inspiration asks us to sit on the couch, gaze at the ceiling, with our minds wandering, no distractions, no social networks.

Or it requires us to spend time on Ableton, experimenting with sound, without a specific goal.

It’s our duty as artists to find time for these moments, even when it seems impossible.

That’s why I’ve dubbed my 2024 “the year of planning“.

Planning has always been a major gap for me.

I’ve always sailed by sight, organizing at most week by week.

Even worse, if I had an idea while working on something else, or remembered I had to do something, I’d drop what I was doing to tackle the new activity.

Nothing could be more wrong.

And, as a result, I ended up working even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Honestly, in the last 2-3 years, I can’t recall spending an entire Sunday without thinking about work, whether it be Patreon or my other job as an acoustic consultant (excluding vacations).

This isn’t healthy, obviously.

Fuck the hustle culture.

Free time is crucial for creativity, and I firmly believe that planning can help find that free time.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to take a few days to plan your year (or at least your next few weeks).

Here’s how I did it:

I started with my goals and defined a potential strategy to achieve them.

Goals aren’t just about music or work but also about health, relationships, personal growth.

Every goal requires time. It’s essential that this time is allocated wisely, not neglecting any aspect of life.

In the picture down here you can see I divided my work strategy in different topics (if you wonder what app that is, I use Notion).

If music is your passion, I’m sure you’d love to finalize your projects and maybe release music on a label.

That’s the goal, but the strategy?

Finalizing good tracks requires at least these four elements:

  1. Listening to music for inspiration and understanding the genre you want to produce.
  2. Experimenting with Ableton in “free flow mode” to generate new ideas and find your sound (if you don’t know what “free flow mode” is, watch this video on my YouTube channel).
  3. Allocating time for learning, both by using Ableton as much as possible and relying on your favorite platform or teacher (on this note, I know of one that might suit you).
  4. Finalizing tracks: this is obvious, but if you don’t dedicate time and effort to finish the projects you start, no one will do it for you.

The strategy, which obviously needs to be much more detailed than my example, will culminate in scheduling moments for the various activities.

Planning: a pain in the ass, right?

I know.

Let’s not exclude moments when we’ll throw the plan out the window and indulge in what we fancy at that moment. Sometimes, this is necessary too.

But if we don’t take the time to plan, then we’ll live day by day, overwhelmed by events.

I don’t know if I’ll always stick to the plan, but I believe that starting the year with the intention of being more organized and moving in this direction will certainly help me, and I hope it will help you too.

Happy 2024.


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