Minimal & Micro House sample pack – Vol. 1

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My first sample pack full of the sounds that I regularly use to make music 🙂 Enjoy ;P

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  1. Louigi Verona (verified owner)

    This pack could be a very welcome addition to your collection as long as you understand the following:

    1. The sample pack is really small. You wouldn’t be able to rely on it alone to make minimal beats. Using it alongside, say, a Vengeance Minimal House pack might work out well, as Francesco gives a specific rominimal flavor to many of the sounds.
    2. The sample pack does not contain one shot bass. It does contain loops, which perhaps might not be useful in production, but might be useful in educating how a microhouse bass might be constructed.
    3. I personally found the hihat collection here to be fairly uninteresting. I expected more of the glitchy variety, but most of it is fairly standard, nothing you wouldn’t find in other sample packs.
    4. A lot of the percussion and weird sounds are really similar. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since variations of a single sound might prove to be useful, but do keep in mind that you are not getting a huge variety here. More like several sounds that are then changed slightly.
    5. Small tip: the 4 “favourite kicks” are not trimmed and have a lot of space in the front. If you don’t notice that, you might be wondering why your beat seems to be off tempo.

    Why I would still recommend this to rominimal/microhouse producers.
    1. The kicks and claps are excellent and fit incredibly well together.
    2. The types of sounds are unique and I have not seen a sample pack that would do justice to kicks.
    3. This sample pack provides a good education on one’s own approach to creating samples or modifying existing ones.

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