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Dear friend,

Today I’m writing to talk to you about ideas.

Whether you make music, paint, write, or sculpt clay, there’s one word that defines you: creative.

But for every respectable creative, ideas are necessary. Without them, one cannot bring their work to life.

But what are ideas?

Among all the definitions of the concept of “idea,” I recently read one that struck me.

According to the author of this definition, the idea is a completely independent entity from us. It’s egoistic to think that we are the authors of an idea.

On the contrary, every idea is a separate entity, hovering in the ether and manifesting itself when we are in a state of receptivity. It only transforms into reality if we are ready to embrace it.

Therefore, it becomes essential to take moments to listen to ourselves and let our minds be free and receptive.

But how does this apply to music?

Well, think about when you make music.

I’m sure most of the time you spend doing things: searching for a preset, a loop, a sample, trying out some devices, writing notes, or playing them on the keyboard.

But have you ever stopped for a moment to see if your mind suggests something to you? If you start to hear a melody or a bassline in your head?

We spend too much time doing and too little time listening. Listening to ourselves, welcoming ideas.

I want to leave you with this video where I talk about this aspect, as well as 5 other tips to stimulate our creativity, which is so essential to realize our passion for music.


1 – Fab Filter discounts

Fab Filter is a great company for mixing and mastering plug-ins. So far I have only owned Pro-Q3 but a couple of days ago I became a proud owner of Pro-C2 (compressor) and Saturn 2 (saturator), taking advantage of the discounts in occasion of their 20th year celebration.

2 – SSL and UAD discounts

Also SSL and UAD are having discounts going on. I purchased the Essential bundle by SSL, with the channel strip and the G-Compressor, and the Pultec by UAD. Check the offers here – SSL – UAD.


Here I share what I’ve been listening to lately both from the house music world and from every other genre.

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Old gem – The T-Collective – Burnin’ (Afterhours Mix) – You Tube


Music from You Tuber and Composer Jameson Nathan Jones – Spotify

Always be curious towards new music, you never know where inspiration comes from.

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