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Hello friend,

We just entered in October, one of my favorite months, the weather is still warm, but not hot as hell as it was a month ago.

Past Sunday I attended the After Caposile Garden closing party and I had the chance to meet Brawther in person, who I interviewed past week. Such a great guy, and together with his pal Tristan da Cunha (their duo name is Dungeon Meat), they destroyed the dance floor.

Here is a shaky pic of me and Brawther (people really can’t take pics 😅).

A picture of me and Brawther after his gig at Caposile.

Every time I go to a club and meet somebody I already talked to online, it reminds me the importance of the off- line. Meeting in person makes connection stronger. Going to say hi to people you admire, even when they don’t know you, it is a good start for a potential collaboration or friendship.

Try to ask some interesting questions or go there and ask them to sign your vinyl, or whatever that can leave a good record of you on their mind.

Few days later, send a follow up message on Instagram, something like “Hey it’s Francesco, it was nice to meet you the other day”. If you mentioned something during the conversation, remind them. For example “here is the music I told you about” or “here is a good restaurant in Venice you should go while you are there”, etcetera.

It seems silly but this works in every industry, and following up it is at the basics of creating relationships, whether they are business related or simply human relationships.

World is based on relationships and being good at your job or making the best music, isn’t enough to advance in your career. People wants to have a good memory of you, in order to want to interact with you again.

Speaking of interactions, when those are not possible in real life,  being part of an online community is a great way to start talking to like minded people. That’s also what Brawther said during our Zoom call (watch an extract my latest IG post, or head to my Patreon to watch the full video).

House and minimal music are not football, we are part of a smaller niche, and sometimes it’s not easy to find people who are into music production and has a similar taste to yours.

Being in the right space (on-line or off-line) is extremely important to create enriching interactions and friendships.

This month on Patreon we have two big chunks of content:

Replay of the full call with Brawther, where we spoke about music career, digging, releasing music and where he talks about arrangement showing us one of his latest remixes for Alex Font.

A brief description of the topics treated during Brawther’s interview.

A new video tutorial where I talk about how to make groovier bass lines.

October video tutorial on Patreon.

Want to learn more about music production?

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Traumer set from a vineyard in France. Groovy as always. (You Tube link)


Well, it is somehow house music, but not the one we hear in clubs, so I included it om “other genres”. Kutika by Latrec (Spotify link)

Always be curious towards new music, you never know where inspiration comes from.