The world is a funnel and so music is

The music world is a funnel

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Dear friend,

If you’re new to the marketing world, everything you’ll think of when I mention the word “funnel” is the object above.

On the other hand, those working in marketing know that the term “funnel” refers to the process that takes a buyer from knowing nothing about you and your product to making a purchase or, in some cases, becoming a big fan and buying every product you offer.

Funnel marketing

But what does this have to do with music?

No, I don’t want to talk to you about how to market your music.

Before we start, though, I need your help 🙏🏻

I’m sending you this email using a new email marketing platform (I used to use Mailchimp, now Omnisend). Since I don’t know yet if it’s working properly, I ask you, if you can, to reply to this email even with just one emoji (😊), so that I’m sure you received it.

Alright, let’s begin.

The inspiration for this email came to me while watching a video by Jack Conte (which I invite you to watch), the CEO of Patreon and someone I greatly admire.

In the video, he explained how some of the greatest artists in history and contemporary times have released hundreds, if not thousands, of works throughout their careers.

Only a few dozen, or even a few units of these works, made them famous.

I’m sure you’re starting to understand why the concept of the funnel also applies to music.

Take Irving Berlin, for example: Berlin was an American composer from 1900.

Consider that Berlin, in his career, published 1500 songs.

But that’s nothing.

It is said that for every song published, he wrote 10. For a total of 15,000 songs written.

And do you know how many of these became #1 hits? 25.

Of these, only 4 earned him an award. The 0.026% of his work.

Irving Berlin funnel

Quoting Jack Conte, Irving Berlin was a “master of the funnel.

To fully grasp the funnel’s importance in music, Jack brings up another strong and crucial concept for any artist: work to publish, not to finish.

Wanting to finish a piece represents a selfish act, where the artist continues to make minimal adjustments to their work indefinitely, working on details that the audience will likely never notice.

…ending up keeping their work hidden from the public forever.

On the contrary, publishing means deciding that it’s time to show the work to the world as it is, with its imperfections.

With the emotions of fear but also relief that accompany the publication.

And why is publishing so important?

Because the world is a funnel.

You start with 100 tracks, publish 50, 20 sell well, 8 are played by big DJs in the scene, 2 become hits (everyone plays and buys them).

You don’t decide which of these 50 tracks will be the hit.

Often, the track you worked on the longest is the one that will be appreciated the least.

So, in conclusion, take a deep breath and start publishing your music.

The rest will be decided by your audience.

I hope I’ve given you some motivation.




I write this message to you, but know that I’m also writing it for myself. I’m not immune to the “never finished song syndrome.”


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