make your arrangement more effective through transitions and effects with transit by baby audio

This will make arrangement easier.

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Dear friend,

This week, I want to share a couple of updates with you.

First, a new plugin I’ve recently started using.

But let me give a bit of context.

A few days ago, I conducted a survey on Instagram (perhaps you saw it).

I asked my followers about their relationship with the arrangement phase, particularly when it comes to creating transitions and effects.

Whether you like it or not, it’s a crucial aspect that greatly affects the success of a track, not just in listening but especially on the dance floor.

We all enjoy when a change in the song is somehow foreshadowedcreating a moment of tension that resolves at the beginning of the next arrangement section.

I confess, despite knowing its importance, I sometimes find it tedious to dedicate time to it.

Perhaps because I always handle this phase as the last thing, so I’m tired and just want to wrap up the project.

The survey results slightly leaned towards those who “hate” this phase, but I was surprised to see many love it too.

Here is where Transit by Baby Audio x Andrew Huang comes in our help.

It’s a plugin designed to speed up the transition effects creation process.

It’s essentially a multi-effect distinguished by a macro-knob (Transit Knob) that simultaneously modulates various effect parameters as needed.

Aside from excellent presets, it helps save time compared to manually creating a customized effects chain and automating each parameter independently.

It’s 50% OFF at the moment! Check it out!

I made a YouTube video discussing it. Check it out if you’re interested.

The second update concerns the first “Producers Challenge” I’ll launch in April for Patreon members!

I won’t reveal much, but we’ll have a big guest judge.

This weekend he will be part of the lineup at Caprice Festival on the Swiss Alps and he just returned from a six-month tour around the Americas. Someone who’s doing it for real.

Additionally, there are high-value prizes from partners like SonarworksLoopcloudPlugin Boutique, and Abstract Sounds up for grabs.

I’ll announce the contest and all the details soon. If you want to stay updated, join the Minimal Improvements Patreon (you can also sign up for free).

That’s all for today, 

sending you warm hugs,



1 – Max4Live Emulation of Plaits

Flechtwerk is a Max4Live device that wants to emulate the famous eurorack module Plaits, by Mutable Instruments, both in the sound and in the design. you might know Rulos, another M4L emulation of the same module, but this has a design that makes you more comfortable if you know the real module. Lotus Tunes Academy show us how it sounds in this video.

2 – Producing a track every week until I get booked for a Festival.

I loved this video by Scenes where he sets a goal and tries to pursue it, despite difficulties and lack of motivation sometimes. Very inspiring!


Here I share what I’ve been listening to lately both from the house music world and from every other genre.

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Nice podcast for Yoyaku in store sessions by Tom Station – YT Video


Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Hawai’i 78 – Spotify

Always be curious towards new music, you never know where inspiration comes from.

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