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Dear friend,

This week, I want to share some reflections that emerged during the Zoom Call with Christopher Ledger in our Minimal Improvements community.

But first, a small yet significant celebration: today marks the 2nd anniversary of my Patreon and the Minimal Improvements community!!

It’s been a beautiful journey so far, and I’ve met fantastic people.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to gift my members 2 unreleased track projects, my EP ASV004 on Abstract Sounds, Mondo Bass, an Abstract Sounds pack with over 500 bass loops, and Micro House Tools 2, Abstract Sounds’ device that includes everything needed to create a Micro House track.

If you want to get all this, you’re still in time; join the Minimal family.

Now let’s get back to what I learned from Christopher Ledger.

3, 2, 1… let’s go.

Christopher is an artist who has been making music for fifteen years.

After fifteen years, a music producer’s technical knowledge is deeply rooted, allowing them to focus almost exclusively on the creative act.

There’s no need to spend hours searching for a sound or in the mix.

In contrast, when producing for only a few years, or even months, our limited technical abilities sometimes negatively impact the creative aspect.

For example, I often give private lessons to students with very interesting and original ideas that are penalized by incorrect sample choices, mediocre mixing, or elements out of scale.

Those who do not want or cannot be followed by a private tutor, to improve their technique, can rely on time and practice.

The other night, during the call with Chris, a member shared with us his frustration with difficulties in getting good mixes:

I can’t afford a mixing engineer; I’m doing my first tracks and want to release them, but the mix sounds bad, and so I keep trying to improve the mix and end up running in circles.

At that point, Chris reminded us that the fundamental question is the WHY.

Do we make music to have fun and express ourselves creatively, or do we do it with the aim of being released on a label as soon as possible?

If the mix doesn’t come out well, it probably means we need to refine our technique. Take a mixing course, watch tutorials, try mixing a different genre.

Or simply move on to the next track, reset your brain, and try again.

If our WHY is love and passion for music, then why should we be in a hurry?

These words resonated with me, as I often put pressure on myself, almost losing the love I have for music.

The same applies to creativity: if inspiration doesn’t come, that means nothing. Loving music doesn’t always mean being inspired. It also means listening to it, experimenting, sharing it.

I believe that more often in moments of pressure, I’ll stop to ask myself, “What is my WHY?

And you, what is your WHY?

I hope this concept has made you reflect as it has made me.

A hug,



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