Why I have a problem with some labels on Bandcamp

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Dear friend,

Today, I want to share my (not-so-positive) opinion about how certain labels manage music and their artists on Bandcamp (and elsewhere).

These days, I’m doing intensive music research in preparation for an important gig, which I’ll talk about soon.

As a result, I come across numerous releases and profiles of more or less well-known labels.

On Bandcamp, it’s common to find labels that, some time after the “vinyl-only” release, decide to publish that release in digital format as well.

You’re probably aware of this too.

And to be clear, I have nothing against this. 

In fact, not being a big vinyl collector, I like to buy old music that is now available digitally.

Well, just a few days ago, I found a release from a label (which I won’t name) that I bought when it originally came out on vinyl.

It’s a very nice EP, produced by an “Unknown Artist.”

Let me say that, when it comes to original mixes and not edits, I don’t understand the reason for publishing as an “unknown artist.” 

But what disappointed me the most was not even seeing a couple of lines introducing the release.

I understand some might say, “only music matters”, but come on, let’s give the release the importance it deserves and allow buyers to have at least some information about the history of the record they’re purchasing.

Don’t you agree?

In the specific case I’m talking about, the “release date” was the recent Bandcamp publication date, even though Bandcamp allows you to set a past release date, such as when the vinyl was originally released.

This would already be an appreciated piece of information.

Secondly, if I were the label owner, I would write a brief description explaining that the release was initially launched on a certain date, and maybe include some anecdotes.

I don’t know, anything that makes the release stand out among the thousands of songs that are published every day.

Here’s an example of a description that I appreciated:

All this makes me think that the only interest of some labels is to monetize the music without truly valuing it.

But I’ll stop my monologue now.

If you want to share your opinion, if you think I’m just an idiot thinking this, answer this email and let’s have a chat!

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