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Hello friend,

Today I want to talk to you about a powerful weapon when it comes to creativity: limitations.

Have you ever challenged yourself to create a track using only a limited set of sounds/instruments?

Have you ever set a shorter deadline than usual to finish a track?

I assure you that although these limitations may seem counterproductive, they work wonders.

Many important artists have created their best works under conditions of scarcity of resources or time.

Even I, not a great artist, experienced this while working on this month’s Patreon project.

With just one day and Ableton Live 10 (an almost obsolete version of the software), and only native Live 10 instruments and effects.

To be honest, I cheated a bit: I used a Baby Audio effect called Transit. I wanted to try it. It’s an exceptional effect for creating transitions.

But other than that, nothing else.

The track that came out excites me a lot.

You can listen to it at this private Soundcloud link.

These limitations allowed me to experiment with sound design. Most of the synths are created with Live 10’s Analog.

But why do limitations stimulate creativity?

I believe for two reasons:

  1. Lack of distractions. With limitations, you avoid getting lost in the depths of plugins you’ve never used and their thousands of options.
  2. By reducing options, you have to squeeze your creativity to get interesting results.

The brain activates to make up for the lack of means, but at the same time, overthinking is reduced, which is absolutely counterproductive.

With this email, I invite you to reflect on the number of tools and plugins you have and occasionally, as a challenge, force yourself to make music with a minimal selection of these, trying to make the most of what you’ve chosen.

Take it as homework, a creative challenge.

I’m sure it will help you improve, thicken your music producer armor, and maybe even create a great track.



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Old song by Cosmo, Italian artist who mixed Indie and Electronic music. One of my favorites.

Cosmo – Animali – Spotify

Always be curious towards new music, you never know where inspiration comes from.

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